Uplander Kennels
Creating Legends

"It is my goal to accomodate you and your dog while ensuring the best possible results for your investment."

- Ugo Pennacchietti -

Training Services

Here at Uplander, I only have a total of 6 kennels. In other words, dogs that come here for training get plenty of individual attention/training. They are not one of many dogs to be ushered through briskly nor do I have hired help to work with your dog.  Think about how much field work a trainer can put into 10 or more dogs.  Do the simple math.  Shop value rather than just rates.

At present I offer the following service to my clients:

  • I offer but one option which is to start a young propect and complete the process to it's end -a finished dog that holds point reliably, handles with minimal intervention and retrieves.  It is one fixed rate. The dogs are worked virtually every day - Monday to Friday in the least.

If you chose to have your dog flown to us, we are 1 hour from the Toronto International Airport, 30 minutes from the Hamilton (Mount Hope) Airport, and we're just 1 hour from Buffalo NY Int. Airport.

It is my intention to develop a capable canine companion for the most discriminating lady/gentleman hunter - a relentless athlete that will work by your side to create delightful memories afield. Feel free to e-mail or phone regarding rates or special arrangements.


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