Uplander Kennels
Creating Legends

"For me, training dogs is not an occupation - it is a passion."

- Ugo Pennacchietti -

Our History

In 1976 I acquired my first bird dog. "Penny" was of questionable breeding however, she was a formidable adversary where pheasants were concerned. It wasn't until 1977 that our Brittany "Brutus" came along. Brute and I began competing in the various pointing dog venues when he was just a pup. Before he left us, he had achieved the titles of:

  • C.K.C. Field Trial Champion
  • C.K.C. Amateur Field Trial Champion
  • C.K.C. Field Dog Excellent
  • A.K.C. Field Trial Champion

And so, the seed was planted. Since then, I have had the pleasure of sharing many successes afield in American Field, CKC, AKC, NSTRA, and wild bird trials/tests with various pointing breeds.

It has been rewarding to have attended trials as a competitor as well as having performed numerous judging assignments in both Canada and the USA, including 2 championships.
In conjunction, I have been featured on three outdoor programs - Canadian Wingshooter, Angler & Hunter TV, and Canada In The Rough.

Along with numerous successes in competitive events, I have had the delightful pleasure of hunting grouse in the moors of Scotland, migrating quail in Italy, Huns & sharp-tail in western Canada, quail in Georgia, quail and prairie chicken in Kansas, quail in Arizona, as well as grouse and woodcock locally. It is these wonderful memories of the past, and the exciting expectations of the future that are part and parcel of what conservation, teamwork and pointing dogs are all about.