Uplander Kennels
Creating Legends

"You can hunt your field trial dogs, and field trial your personal hunting dogs."

- Ugo Pennacchietti -

Our Training Philosophy

Many years of experience in both hunting and competitive events have helped me to develop a clear picture of the attributes a successful bird dog should possess. What are some of these attributes? They include:

  • Intelligence  
  • Breed specific natural ability traits
  • Conformation
  • Nose
  • Breath-taking style & intensity
  • The appropriate gait
  • Stamina & a relentless work ethic

I have had the pleasure of developing many dogs that display these attributes. In return, they have contributed to two key assets - experience and my reputation.

The techniques I employ today are a culmination of practices past and present because dogs, much like people, are unique. It only follows that the strategies employed to bring out the best in any dog may in fact, be unique to that dog.

I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you one very salient aspect of developing a classy reliable bird dog. The best breeding combined with the best training, cannot displace experience afield. A well trained dog needs to develop the wisdom/savy that comes from encounters with wild birds. Only then, can their performance truly be complete.