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Early Puppyhood Education

I developed an early puppyhood education (EPE) program years ago to give me the edge over my fellow competitors in a variety of pointing dog venues. My track record speaks for itself.

In conjunction, many years of field dog training have uncovered a number of conclusions. One most obvious observation is that MOST dogs that arrive here at Uplander for field training have missed a number of early development training windows. These windows occur at a young stage in a pup's life therefore, ensuing training must re-coop the lost lessons. This can be more work for the trainer, more $$$ for the owner and more stress for pup.

They say it is easier to train a golfer the proper swing/technique if he has NEVER golfed before.


Because bad habits can be harder to overcome than learning things properly in the first place.

Early puppyhood education provides your pup with some early yet fun ways to develop a good foundation. It also helps you to understand what inherent attributes your pup has right from the moment she/he comes home! Lastly, it clearly defines a goal or objective for you and pup to achieve in the future. Together you make pup's life so much more fun AND you both invest in the future development of your very own brag bird dog.

Is this a written package/document?


Is this a DVD?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a live hands-on demonstration can be even more utile! I will show you and have YOU perform a series of early training exercises. Subsequently, you can take pup home and work on these exercises at your own pace.

This applies to new puppy owners, people that are expecting a puppy, or just for folk that want to better understand the value in early puppyhood education for future considerations. It is a program of the future available 1st right here at Uplander kennels.

Contact me directly for details.